List of the features

Project status & goals is a quite new project. Don't use it in production for the moment! But you are welcome to contribute :-)

The main goal is to build a tool that can help you to create a new site quickly.

Another goal is also to provide facilities to have an efficient site for the SEO in term of content organisation. This is not really useful for building blogs. Instead, Cocoons can help you to build content web site with a better architecture in mind (information silos & optimal internal links).

So, in summary, Cocoons is focusing on rapid content creation, architecture site & SEO.

Current features

  • Command lines for creating a new site, preview the content, generate the site and deploy the site with FTP.
  • Write content in the markdown format.
  • Support Jade as the default template engine for markdown content. Bootstrap is used in the default templates.
  • Support any kind of resources like PDF, video, ...
  • Support for widgets inclusion in some template regions or inside markdown content.
  • Current widgets are :
    1. Image.
    2. List of links.
    3. Call to action.
    4. Carousel/slider.
    5. HTML snippet.
    6. Images
    7. Google Analytics.
    8. Content boxes (with or without images).
    9. Carousel/slideshow.
    10. Simple messagebox.

Adsense script can be copy and past into HTML widget.

Features that we want to work on

  • Generate a site structure from a mind map.
  • Generate optimal links between pages based on the mind map.
  • Add support for 301 redirect.
  • Generate sites based on different kind of templates (full web site, one page site, ... )
  • Create more widgets : Google analytics, customs, ...
  • Support 2 modes : static web site generator or CMS.
  • Hackable engine & content editor packages for
  • Administration tools & UI.
  • Application integration.

Please, tell us what kind of features you are looking for.

Want to play with it ? So let's start with the getting started !

Ok, nice idea !